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Actual Size: Approximately 7 – 8″ long with a 4″ tail.

Characteristics: Similar but smaller than mice, shrews have a pointed snout and tiny eyes.

Habitat: Live in gardens and tunnels made by other rodents.


  • Shrews are easily startled and will avoid contact with people.
  • Shrews have sharp incisors.
  • During the winter, shrews may lose up to 40% of their body weight.

Shrews in Salina

Shrews are among the world’s smallest mammals, with over 30 species identified in the United States. Feeding primarily on insects, earthworms, slugs, and spiders, they will also feed on small animals, seeds, roots, and vegetable matter. Because of their small size, shrews lose body heat rapidly. In order to maintain a constant body temperature, they have a high metabolic rate and consume food every three to four hours. In a 24-hour period, some species of shrews will consume three times their body weight. Typically shrews are born, live, and die within a year, but some may live just under two years.

Shrew Habitat

A shrew’s habitat depends on the species, but they are often found near humans and will occasionally invade buildings. Often reusing tunnels made by moles and voles, they live in gardens and wooded areas where food supplies are abundant. In the wild, they prefer to live in fields, marshy areas, and forests—wherever there is leaf litter or thick plant cover.

Shrew Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Shrews do not have a considerable negative impact on humans and go about their lives unnoticed by most people. They occasionally become a nuisance when they live in close proximity to humans because of their aggressive nature. Shrews occasionally fall into window wells, attack pets, feed on stored foods, contaminate stored foods with feces and urine, and bite humans when improperly handled.

Due to their hostile nature and ability to move fast, shrews are difficult to get rid of. Contacting a pest control professional is the ideal way to resolve a shrew problem. Always contact your local nuisance wildlife control experts for assistance with shrews.

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