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Pest problems come in all shapes and sizes, but for many people there’s one that’s more dreaded more than all others: bed bugs. Bed bug infestations can be extremely challenging both for how resilient they are, as well as for the psychological toll they inflict by attacking you at night while you’re asleep. 

If you’re dealing with bed bugs in your home or business, don’t delay – call the experienced bed bug exterminators at World Pest Control. We offer fast and effective bed bug control that takes care of the problem completely – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

When Do You Need Bed Bug Pest Control?

Bed bug problems tend to spring up after traveling. Whether you’re recently back from vacation or your child is returning home from college for the holidays, there’s an elevated chance of bed bug infestation. Once inside, they hide in mattresses, baseboards, upholstered furniture, and even light switches or power outlets. We don’t recommend DIY bed bug control because of their exceptional hiding abilities. If you eliminate most of them but a few are left behind, they can quickly begin multiplying again and the cycle starts all over. Bed bug control is always best left to a professional bed bug exterminator who knows exactly where to look for the pests.

Bed Bug Control Services for YOUR HOME

Our Bed Bug Extermination Process

For some people, bed bug bite symptoms are minimal. For others, they can trigger allergic reactions that will leave you feeling miserable. Regardless, nobody wants bed bug bites. The very thought can leave you feeling distressed and damage your sleep quality. That’s why you want bed bug control you can count on.

Our highly trained bed bug exterminators will eliminate bed bugs from your home with the following steps:

  1. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your property to identify the source of the infestation and where the bed bugs are hiding.
  2. We will implement targeted bed bug treatments and/or treat your whole home depending on the nature of the infestation.
  3. After treatment, we will provide ongoing bed bug control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Bed Bug Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Bed Bugs Away From Your Commercial Property

Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming more common in the Salina area. Not just in homes, but in commercial properties and businesses as well. Hotels are particularly vulnerable to bed bug problems, and can lead to devastating reputational damage. 

At World Pest Control, we understand the necessity of quick, discreet, and highly effective bed bug pest extermination for your business. Call us today to get started.

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Mark is a great person to work with. He knows his business well and executes measures to make sure the job gets done. Timely on the job and gets all info back so we can deal with a problem as it is needed. Would highly recommend Mark.

– David P

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