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Bats are the ultimate “good to have around but not too close” species. A single bat can eat hundreds or thousands of insects in a night, but at the same time, they can also transmit diseases like rabies to humans, so it’s important to always keep a safe distance. Bats are also a protected species in Salina, which makes removing them from your property a challenge. It’s illegal to kill a bat, or even move a bat on your own, and certain protocols must be followed. That’s why you should always work with an experienced bat control company like World Pest Control.

If you have bats on your property, get in touch with World Pest Control today. We’ve been Salina’s trusted choice for bat removal since 1954

Bat Pest Control Solutions

Even if it were legal to remove a bat on your own, we still wouldn’t recommend it. Because of the diseases they can carry – rabies and Histoplasmosis included – and the fact that their small teeth can bite without you even noticing, they are extremely dangerous to humans. Their droppings can also harbor disease, so you really don’t want to have them nearby for any extended length of time.

As a protected species in Salina, bat removal and exclusion must be handled by professional bat control technicians. At World Pest Control, we use humane methods for getting bats to naturally exit your home – and making sure they don’t return.

Bat Exterminators for YOUR HOME

Our Bat Exterminators Process

With over 69 years of experience, you can be sure that your family is in good hands. Our bat removal experts will take the following steps to keep your family and home safe from bats:

  • Our team will thoroughly inspect your property to find the reason for your infestation and all hiding places hosting active bats.
  • We will figure out the best methods for bat relocation and implement them.
  • After the relocation, we will provide continued bat exclusion and prevention services to help you avoid future problems.


Bat Control for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Bats Out of Your Commercial Property

If you’re dealing with bats on your commercial property, it can scare off potential customers. Worse than that, it can open you up to significant liability. Protect your business and its hard-earned reputation by working with an experienced bat control company. 

We’ve proudly worked with businesses around the Salina area performing bat removal and exclusion – and we can do it for your company too. Call us today to learn more about our humane bat control methods.

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Mark is a great person to work with. He knows his business well and executes measures to make sure the job gets done. Timely on the job and gets all info back so we can deal with a problem as it is needed. Would highly recommend Mark.

– David P

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