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Flies are one of the most annoying pests out there, but they can also be quite dangerous too. Did you know flies can transmit pathogens including E. Coli and Salmonella? It’s true: anytime they land on a surface, you should consider that surface potentially contaminated. Don’t let a few flies turn into a large-scale fly infestation – call the fly exterminators that have been providing expert pest control to the Salina area since 1954.

Fly Pest Control Solutions

When flies land on your food, they immediately throw up on it. This releases digestive enzymes and allows them to start consuming. Disgusting, right? It’s not just a myth – they actually do this, and it can make you sick. There’s simply no reason to have flies inside your home or business. They’ll either contaminate your food or buzz around for hours on end while you’re trying to concentrate on something important.  

Even if it’s just a few flies, we recommend calling a knowledgeable fly control specialist like World Pest Control as soon as possible. This can save you weeks of incessant buzzing, prevent them from breeding and multiplying, and passing along dangerous pathogens.

Fly Removal for YOUR HOME

How Does Residential Fly Extermination Work?

At World Pest Control, we pride ourselves on delivering safe and effective fly extermination for your home. Our team of fly exterminators follow a proven three step process for eliminating flies and preventing future fly infestations from happening:

  1. We conduct a thorough inspection of your property to locate the source of the infestation, including where the flies are breeding.
  2. We design a custom fly control treatment that will eliminate existing flies.
  3. Once flies are eliminated, ongoing fly control and prevention helps avoid future fly infestations. These may include use of insect light traps, liquid fly applications, fly baits, and exclusion methods like removing decaying vegetation.

Fly Control for YOUR BUSINESS

Expert Fly Removal for Commercial Properties

A few small flies can be a big problem for any business, and given how quickly flies reproduce, they can quickly turn into a large-scale infestation. If your business involves food or guest services, flies are an even bigger problem.

Don’t risk your reputation or the health and safety of customers and staff. World Pest Control’s experienced commercial fly control experts will work with you to ensure you, your business, and your reputation is safe from the threat of a fly infestation.

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Mark is a great person to work with. He knows his business well and executes measures to make sure the job gets done. Timely on the job and gets all info back so we can deal with a problem as it is needed. Would highly recommend Mark.

– David P

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At World Pest Control, we protect against the disease and damage that can be caused by common pests.

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