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Who doesn’t enjoy watching a majestic bird soar in the sky? The problem starts when birds take up residence in your property and refuse to leave. Germs and bacteria from bird debris and droppings can create serious problems in Salina area homes and businesses. As many as 60 different diseases are carried by birds – and they can cause extensive damage, too. But you shouldn’t attempt bird removal on your own as many are protected species. Leave it to the experienced bird control professionals at World Pest Control.

For 69 years, World Pest Control has been Salina’s choice for bird exclusion and control. Call today and ask about our discreet, cost-effective, and humane bird removal measures.

Bird Control Solutions

From their noises at all hours to the unhygienic nests they create, birds cause a slew of issues for Salina homes and businesses. However, for your own safety and in order to abide by the law, you should not attempt bird removal on your own. Our experts employ a number of bird exclusion tactics to ensure birds stay away from your property year-round.

Bird Removal for YOUR HOME

How Does Residential Bird Control Work?

If birds are nesting on your roof or if a few have gotten inside your attic, it may not seem like a big problem at first. But the longer they remain, the worse the issue gets. They will continue causing damage and spreading bacteria until they’re gone. That’s why, as soon as you notice nuisance birds on your property, it’s time to invest in pest control for birds.

Our bird control experts go through a four step process to remove birds from your property and ensure they don’t come back:

  1. Our bird removal technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the bird species and problem areas.
  2. If necessary, we will remove the birds from your property.
  3. We will implement bird exclusion methods to keep birds from roosting or nesting again.
  4. If clean-up services are needed, our sanitation protocol ensures your property is free of any bird-related waste.

Bird Exclusion for YOUR BUSINESS

Keeping Birds Away From Your Commercial Property

If birds feel safe and comfortable in an area, they may decide to nest or roost there. That’s why attics are a popular choice in houses, and the same goes for businesses. If they find a sheltered area with minimal human foot traffic, they may decide to make it their new home.

The longer birds remain, the more they’ll make their presence known, and this can jeopardize your reputation as a business and even endanger guests or customers. Adopting bird control measures sooner rather than later will ensure your business is protected. At World Pest Control, we’ve provided outstanding bird control services to Salina businesses since 1954.

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Mark is a great person to work with. He knows his business well and executes measures to make sure the job gets done. Timely on the job and gets all info back so we can deal with a problem as it is needed. Would highly recommend Mark.

– David P

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