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Green Pest Control

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Our people live and work in the Salina area, and it’s an important part of who we are. We believe in protecting and preserving our region so future generations can enjoy it. That’s why we provide green pest control to homes and businesses in Kansas. Since 1954, we’ve been a leader in green pest control, providing treatments that are both effective and environmentally conscious.

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Kansas’s Eco-Friendly Exterminators

We proudly offer eco-conscious or green pest control treatments for many types of pests common to our area. To discuss specific treatment options, please give us a call and tell us about your pest problem.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is central to any eco-friendly pest control program. IPM is a philosophy of pest control intended to apply pesticides where necessary and where they will have the greatest impact. Integrated pest management techniques are designed to solve the problem at the root by eliminating pest habitats and access to resources.

Integrated Pest Management includes:

  • Full inspection to identify infestations and high-risk areas
  • Applying green or organic pest control products to target the problem
  • Placement of exterior bait stations
  • Recommendations for going forward to help ensure a pest-free** environment

Experts on Pest Exclusion and Ongoing Pest Prevention

Preventing a pest problem will always be greener than eliminating one. That makes prevention an essential part of any green pest control program. To ensure your home or business is protected, our technicians provide pest exclusion services and ongoing support with prevention.  

You may also want to consider PestFree365+, our pest control prevention plan, providing unparalleled protection against emerging pest threats throughout the year.

Green Pest Control Services for Businesses

We don’t need to tell you how damaging a pest infestation can be at a place of business. From reputational harm to damaged product to operational shutdowns, the stakes are high. We offer tailored and effective green pest management for businesses, we’ll take care of problems quickly and help you prevent the next infestation from occurring.

Our commercial pest control experts are experienced in providing eco-friendly extermination services to a wide variety of industries. We’re fluent in all types of regulations and we’ll be happy to follow any additional needs you have.

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