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Asian Lady Beetle


Actual Size: 6 – 10 mm

Characteristics: Mustard-yellow to a dark reddish-orange in color. Dark spots on wing covers on some species. Not all species have the spots.

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Wings: Yes

Habitat: Can be found in crops, attics, wall voids, and on the side of homes and buildings.


  • Slightly larger than typical ladybugs.
  • Dark “M” shaped marking on the pronotum, behind the head.
  • As a defense mechanism, they will release a yellow, foul-smelling substance from joints.

Asian Lady Beetles in Salina

Between 1978 and 1981, Asian lady beetles were introduced into the United States to control aphids and other crop pests. They are now widely distributed across the country. Asian lady beetles may enter homes in Salina and surrounding areas in large numbers. They have become consistent overwintering pests in buildings and homes.

Asian Lady Beetle Habitat

The Asian lady beetle is beneficial to agriculture. They are a voracious predator of crop pests and produce several generations per year. However, their ability to enter structures makes them a nuisance pest in Salina. Hundreds or even thousands of beetles have been found in and on homes — anywhere from attics to wall voids, on siding, and inside closets. They may be attracted to light.

Asian Lady Beetle Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Asian lady beetles can bite, but their bite is weak and they don’t spread diseases. If handled or crushed, they emit a foul odor and leave a stain. In fall, Asian lady beetles seek out crevices, congregating in attics, wall cavities, cracks around door frames, and within soffits and wall voids. If a large number of beetles gain access to the home, they can stain drapery and clothing. Asian lady beetles cannot survive sub-freezing temperatures, although they can survive in homes and buildings that provide adequate warmth and humidity. If you are dealing with an Asian lady beetle infestation, always contact a licensed beetle exterminator.

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