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House Sparrow


Actual Size: 5 – 6″

Characteristics: Brown stripes; black throat and chest patch; light cheeks

Habitat: Often build nests on building gutters, lamp poles, ledges, and more.


  • The most abundant songbird pest.
  • Transmits diseases that affect humans, pets, and livestock.
  • Aggressively defends their nests, often pushing out other desirable songbird species.

House Sparrows in Salina

House sparrows are small birds that can create big problems. Sparrows are an invasive species found throughout the United States and are one of the most abundant songbird pests in the world. Sparrows and their droppings carry pathogens that are harmful to humans. Tough, adaptable, and aggressive, sparrows can survive in cities and rural areas, where they may evict native birds from their nests. Sparrows build unkempt nests and are largely dependent on humans for food and nesting opportunities. House sparrows carry over 25 diseases that are dangerous to humans, pets, and livestock.

House Sparrow Habitat

House sparrows love manmade structures because they offer safe spaces to build nests and a variety of potential food options. They build nests of twigs, grass, paper, and string; they build them in gutters, vents, soffits, lamp poles, on rafters, and building ledges. Almost any conceivable elevated, sheltered spot. Their nests are often hot spots for bugs and parasites that make their way into buildings, as well as potential fire hazards.

House Sparrow Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Sparrows love to stuff nesting materials into tiny gaps – about 1 to 3 inches. This can mean the framework of structures, letters of signs, corrugated overhangs, and even dryer vents. Around homes, gutters, and drainage pipes clogged with sparrow nests can back up, causing severe water damage. Nests in chimneys and ventilation systems can block airflow and spread diseases through the system. Sparrows can crowd other birds out of feeders and birdbaths. As they aggressively defend their nests, they often push out other desirable songbird species like bluebirds. If you are dealing with sparrow problems in your Salina property, be sure to contact a bird removal specialist.

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