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Termite Inspections

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Studies show that termites cost homeowners in the United States over $5 billion in damages per year. If you want to avoid becoming part of this statistic, the key is early detection. If you notice shed wings, mud tubes, or grass, that’s a good sign you probably have termites on your property and you should call a termite exterminator. Of course, the signs can be easy to miss if you’re not a professional. That’s why the best way to ensure you never miss an infestation is getting a routine termite inspection every year.

Why are Termite Inspections Important?

Treating a termite infestation in its earliest stages is relatively painless and inexpensive. However, if given a chance to establish themselves, termites will build up their colony deep within the structure of your house. Deep within the house, they’re difficult to spot even though they’re constantly consuming the cellulose in anything that contains wood. This weakens and eventually destroys the wood, gradually wearing down the structure itself. Yes, it is possible for termites to completely destroy the structural integrity of a building and render it unsafe for habitation.

Although this takes a very long time, it’s worth remembering that longer the colony remains, the more they will reproduce and the more termites there will be. This accelerates the pace of damage and enlarges the area where damage is being done. Eventually, you may notice these damages. Often by the time it reaches this stage, the damage is significant and repairs much more expensive. It’s also much more expensive to eliminate the large established termite colony compared to the incipient one at the beginning of an infestation.

Which Types of Termites Do You Inspect For?

In Salina, we deal with the three main types of termites found in the United States. Our termite inspectors carefully check your entire property for all of these species:

  • Drywood Termite
  • Eastern Subterranean Termite
  • Subterranean Termite

Termites see your house as food. You see your house as one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Who do you think is right? Only you have the power to make sure your investment stays in great shape rather than deteriorate. 

Think of getting a routine termite inspection in the same light as changing your home’s HVAC filters or scrubbing out your fridge. It’s a task that needs to get done at regular intervals to ensure the long-term health of your household.

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